Article 1: Application of the T&C

The Vendor is the IoT week, represented by it-forum, a foundation located in Århus N, Denmark.

The Buyer is defined hereinafter as the legal entity or the person signing and accepting the present T&C. The T&C apply on an exclusive basis to all the transactions concluded by the. Any deviation, amendment, supplement or modification to the current T&C is binding on the Vendor only after written confirmation from the latter.

By placing an order or accepting an offer from the Vendor, the Buyer signifies the unreserved acceptance of the present T&C.

The T&C may be amended at any time by the Vendor without prior notice; the amendments apply to all subsequent orders and offers.

Article 2: Registration

The registration made through the website is effective from the date the relevant payment through the bank cards of the Buyer is finalized. 

The Vendor maintains the unilateral right to accept or refuse the registration of the Buyer, without any duty to communicate the reason thereof to the Buyer. 

Article 3: Registration Fee

The fee list is indicative and does not constitute an offer to the public binding on the Vendor. It may unilaterally be modified without prior notice.

All fees are in Euros.

Article 4: Payment

The registration must be entirely paid prior to the date of the events to which it relates.

Article 5: Accuracy of the Buyers’ data

In the event of a change to its data, such as a change of address or telephone number, the Buyer has the duty to inform the Vendor. The Vendor declines any responsibility for any error due to data which are not updated by the Buyer in a timely manner. The Vendor is not responsible for the truthfulness of the information provided by the Buyer. In case of a manifest abuse, especially for malicious purposes, by the Buyer, the Vendor will immediately block the account and reserve the right to lodge a complaint with the competent authorities in order to trigger the application of the sanctions provided for by law.

Article 6: Cancellation of the registration

The registration is in principle definitive and not refundable, except if the event has to be cancelled by the organizers. In case of evidenced medical problem (such as sickness or accident), the registration may be transferred by the Vendor to another participant.

Article 7: Procedure

The Vendor will only consider the requests and/or complaints lodged by the Buyer in a written form (by e-mail to;  requests or complaints lodged by telephone are not admissible.

Article 8: Liability

The Vendor commits to devote all its care to the delivery of the service to the Buyer. Nevertheless, the Vendor shall not be liable in case of breach of its contractual obligations due to a fortuitous event or a case of force majeure such as, and without limitation, disasters, strikes, fires, floods, failure or breakdown of equipment, means of transport, communication or deeds of the Buyer.

Article 9: Protection of personal data

The collection of personal data will comply with both Swiss and European regulations on personal data protection. The collection of data and the content and use of the database is strictly limited to the purpose of the conference and for future activities related to the IoT Week and potentially joint event organized with the IoT Forum. The IEEE may request access to a list of participants too. Data will be neither sold nor communicated to other third parties, nor used for other activities than those announced. The data retention period will be limited in time and proportionate.

The Vendor processes website usage data (by means of technical cookies) in an aggregated, non personal, form, for analytics purposes and to improve the website’s content.

More details are provided on the Privacy policy on the website.

Article 10: Final provisions

For any dispute concerning the validity, execution and/or interpretation of these T&C, the competent judge is in Geneva, Switzerland, with exclusion of any other court or tribunal. The Buyer declares to accept that the contractual relationship binding him to the Vendor under these T&C is exclusively governed by Swiss law. For all situations not governed by the T&C, the Swiss Code of Obligations applies, save what provided for by imperative law. If one of the clauses of the present T&C is declared legally invalid by judicial decision, the remainders remain legally valid.